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Welcome to Paavila sheep farm´s homepage! Paavila is organic farm in province called Savo in Eastern part of Finland. Our main products are lamb, mutton, wool, skins and naturally dyed yarns. It is possible buy wool products from a farm shop. We also have Handicraft Days for small groups. During those days it is possible to try some old techniques, like felting, spinning and dyeing.

Sheep spend the winter in sheep shelter (built 2012). Most of our ewes lambing in April, few of them in August. Time from the end of May to end of October sheep and lamb are out grazing clover fields. We have also 40 hectare forest as a grazing land and small flock of Finnsheep and three Finncattle cow pasturing there. This “agroforestry” is traditional way to feed animal in Finland. Autumn is the main season for the prime lamb.